Lawrence (Don Lifted) Matthews is a multi-disciplinary creative with connections reaching deep into the Memphis art scene. Born in Memphis, His work ranges from oil paintings, collage, photography, and ready-made sculpture, to music and film. Matthews’ musical style incorporates hip-hop, alternative rock and electronic music resulting in emotionally vulnerable storytelling and eclectic production.



In 2017 and 2018 don released his first two commercial albums alero and contour. both albums were written and recorded in Memphis, tn but finished in los angeles, Ca. The album was mixed by lawrence matthews himself and mastered by grammy award winning mastering engineer mike bozzi of bernie grundman studios. (good kid, maad city, TPAB, Awaken my love, Ctrl, DAMn, Flower boy, Srs)

Contour by Don Lifted (2018) via  spotify ,  apple music  and  tidal .

Contour by Don Lifted (2018) via spotify, apple music and tidal.

“Built largely on moody, ambient samples, punctuated with sparse, original guitar chords, the obsession conveyed is a particularly euphoric one, ostensibly focused on Matthews' girlfriend at the time. But it also captures the retrospective obsession one can feel for such happy episodes when those days are lost to the past.” The Memphis Flyer

Alero by Don Lifted (2017) via  spotify ,  apple music  and  tidal .

Alero by Don Lifted (2017) via spotify, apple music and tidal.

The autobiographical Alero mixes chillwave synths with twisted and chopped samples. Don's verses are quick and staccato, sounding sometimes as if the ideas and memories are coming too fast for him to keep up.


Wolf River (2018)

Wolf River (2018)

Woodland Hills (2019)

Woodland Hills (2019)

Dexter Rd. (2019)

Dexter Rd. (2019)


299.3K Streams on Spotify as of march 2019

99.1K Listeners on Spotify as of march 2019




Don Lifted is known for his emotionally vulnerable, visually and musically eclectic performances. don gained his core fanbase by creating expansive visual installations to transform alternative spaces into the worlds which exist within his music and lyrics. while creating short films and video based sculptures don allows the listeners to follow his narrative through confessional lyricism and therapeutic honesty.


Mostly Memphis based publications but hopefully through this tour more national press can be accumulated.

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